Annoying Ways Marketers Do on Facebook (and One Correct Way to Do It)

It is an undeniable fact that social media these days are a great part of everyone’s life. Most people will agree that no one in this lifetime is ignorant about Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Randomly ask individuals who are studying or either working, surely most of them if not all of them are engaging in one of the social media. That even by the time you are asking, surely … [Read more...]

Palamig, Samalamig, Sago’t Gulaman Franchise

When the weather is so hot, you are so thirsty and you are craving for an ice cold refreshing samalamig! Well you can grab one from a refreshment stall; sodas will just make you thirstier. Why not get a cup of fresh buko juice, black gulaman or a pine apple juice that would quench your thirst? This refreshment is well known to all Filipinos from all ages starting from you … [Read more...]

The Street Pizza Business

Pizza like all other famous western foods that gain threshold in the Philippines is a very profitable food business to start with. Pizza unlike its other counterpart (hamburger, waffles, and pasta) who cater the Individual market is a versatile business that caters both the individual and group Market. Although traditionally the Pizza’s is group People market type, Selling … [Read more...]

Pizza: A Neopolitan Treat to the World

Pizza a flat oven-baked bread topped with oregano scented tomato sauce, olive oil,  cheese and other toppings that depends on one’s culture. An original Neapolitan cuisine that havocs favorite wave across the globe. It is known as a poor mans dish, a connotation started after the poor at that time just mixed up and topped their bread with leftover food for their meal. The Pizza … [Read more...]

Location Classification Based on Consumer’s Walk Speed

As a free standing, portable stall one of food cart’s main objective is to serve the Pedestrian all factors regarding the pedestrian must be noticed by the businessman. There are lots of possible high traffic location for food cart but if you don’t took notice of your market’s behaviour you might  halt  to maximize your profit. An Independent study from some group based in … [Read more...]